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My Story

Wanted: Career Guide and Guru

No one taught me how to find a job I would like. I spent 6 years getting a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. If anyone talked to me about career planning I don’t remember it. I came into the career world with little direction and less know-how.

A few years into my career, the more I realized the importance of career planning. I also knew I wanted to help others by providing the career guidance I didn’t have.

More Than I Bargained for

Seeking guidance, I hired a career coach. This coaching morphed into a more holistic approach, better known as life coaching.

With the help of my coach I became audacious enough to admit (out loud!) my big goals. Next, my coach and I started planning to achieve those goals.

Achievement Unlocked

One of those dreams was to take my mom to Europe. I took  my mom on a 3 week trip to the UK & Ireland. It was her dream to go and my dream to help her make that a reality.

"Life is what you make of it. With intentionality, good decisions, and some work, the good stuff in life is yours for the taking (despite the bumps)." I wrote this entry in my journal on that trip and it is this philosophy that led my to create my own coaching business.

My Approach

Life is what you make of it. With intentionality, good decisions, and some work, the good stuff in life is yours for the taking (despite the bumps). This is my philosophy in my life and my coaching practice.

I believe everyone deserves a life they are in love with and inspired by. Sometimes we know what we want but aren't sure how to get there. Other times, wondering what you want out of life is the hardest question anyone can ask you.

If you're not sure what you want out life your career or even life, I want to help! We'll work together to create a vision for your future that you are excited about. I'll also be your accountability partner as you work towards making your vision a reality.

Let's do this together!



Growing all your Possibilities

After working in professional and career development for 10 years, I opened my own coaching practice. I am excited to help individuals expand their potential.

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Your Story

You can have the life you dream of. You know, that dream you keep tucked away in your “Wouldn’t it be nice” file. I want you to inspire yourself with your greatness as you go after your goals.

There may be bumps in the road but we'll work together to learn from and overcome any obstacles to achieve the life you want.

Next Steps...

Contact me to find out how we can work together to plan and achieve your next moves.