Life & Career in Harmony

I'm Lindsay and I believe you are entitled to a life on your own terms. Whether that means you happily working 60 hours a week or taking off work for months at a time to travel the world, you get to define your desired success. But that's not always easy.

I’m here to help if you find yourself with a successful life and career that feels like a hollow victory. You feel unfulfilled and unhappy despite your success. You did everything you were supposed to do- got a job, crafted a stable life, and built on your success. You achieved all that but something is still missing. Maybe you feel out of control, directionless, or are simply struggling to enjoy life. If you continue on this path, things will only get worse.

It’s time to create space for the dreams you didn’t know you had. We can work together to uncover what’s holding you back and make a plan to achieve your next big goal- a life on your own terms.

I will support you as you develop the resilience, positivity, and confidence to make lasting changes. My coaching expertise is in helping you identify what success you want in work and life according to your values and ideals. We’ll work together to create and carry out an action plan to make those newly created goals a reality. Along the way, you’ll exercise the courage, tenacity, and flexibility to branch out into who you really are.

A Vision for the Future

You did everything you were supposed to and seemingly have a great life. But it feels empty, there's no fire, and you're not sure what's next. I can help you create a vision for the future.

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Meet Your Challenges

Once you have clarity on what life you want, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. I'll be alongside you, supporting you through challenges and celebrating triumphs.

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Achieve Your Success

Recreating your life on your terms is never really finished. You'll have the tools and the confidence to continue to shape your life as you grow into who you want to be for years to come.

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Next Steps...

Contact me to find out how we can work together to help you live life on your own terms.